flexibility is our strength

We are entirely flexible and can work to best suit your needs and environment. The massive benefit of engaging with us to provide you with Marketing support is that you can have as much or as little of our time as you need (client work depending of course!) this is especially beneficial when you don’t have the budget to commit to a full time employee or you want to see the benefits of Marketing activity on your business profits without the need for extra staff.

Initially we will have a short telephone or email exchange with you to ensure that your Marketing requirements are a match to our skill set, then a meeting to explore that further and pull out that all important detail on what you are looking for before we create a quote for your consideration.

There are a number of ways that we can engage with you and your team, depending on your requirements which are detailed below.

We invoice on a monthly basis on either day rate or project rate which is all agreed in advance with you. We have public, professional indemnity and products liability insurance. We are also DBS checked and cleared.

Signing NDA’s is a standard part of our working practice and is in fact why you will see so little portfolio information on our website, we are often prohibited from sharing what we have been working on due to its sensitive or competitive nature. That is fine with us, we recognised the importance of NDA’s and will often request them ourselves before starting any work with you.


Short term, resource intense projects are our speciality. We can come into your office environment or work from our own office to undertake a time limited project for you. We provide all of our own equipment and resources, all we need is your time investment to ensure we understand your business, know what challenges you want to resolve and what outcome you would like at the end of it.

We will usually work on a part time basis to undertake your project, keeping you updated along the way with weekly progress meetings. Think of us as an extension of your own team. We pride ourselves on being completely transparent with strong communication skills and most importantly of all, we are not afraid to ask difficult questions and challenge your thinking so that you get the very best from us and the project being undertaken.

Contract & INTERIM

Working on a contract or interim basis will often mean that we are with you to undertake a number of projects over a fixed period of time. Again, our requirement is that we always work part time but with a contract or interim role we are more often than not based within your offices, really getting under the hood of your business and getting to know the whole team. We work well at all levels from Director to Assistant and can liaise independently and directly with a whole range of your internal and external stakeholders to make sure we have all of the information needed about your business and the projects that we will be working on.

We will report regularly on our progress, participate in Management meetings to present our project scope and results and concentrate heavily on ensuring that your whole team feels that they are getting the right feedback at the right time and that they have the appropriate new skills to be able to take the day to day management of our initiatives forward long after we have left the building.

on going

We have a number of clients that we do adhoc and bespoke work for regularly as well as providing marketing support for a fixed number of hours per month on an ongoing basis.

This works well for start-up and growing businesses where the owners and managers need some Marketing support but aren’t at the stage of needing a Marketing department.

What we DON’T do

We don’t undertake maternity cover roles, this is simply not best suited to our skill set, we want to come in and be able to add value to your business and operating within the confines of someone else’s role, waiting for them to return isn’t great value for money for you and doesn’t make us happy either.

PR – we are not a PR powerhouse, we know what good PR looks like, we know how to fully and extensively brief a PR professional on what is needed and we are experts in external stakeholder engagement but we do not shine at our brightest when we have to write PR. It is important to know and share where our strengths are and PR isn’t one of them.

SEO – this is simply a dark art that takes years and years of specialist training and experience, we know when we should leave things to the professionals and this is one of those things. ‘Hats off’ to all of the SEO professionals out there! We do however work very closely with SEO professionals to ensure that you are getting the very best from your website and impart our sector, product and business knowledge with them so that they can produce their magic.